Cyber Monday and Google Analytics: 3 things you should be doing right now

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just the biggest days of the year for online retail, they’re also the biggest days of the year for people to log in to Google Analytics (we’re totally guessing). From large company CEOs to digital media interns, everyone is logging into Analytics to see how many visitors are coming and and how many sales are closing.

For most retailers, digital analytics is like Christmas music. During the holidays you get excited about it for a day, then run it in the background for a few weeks, and don’t think about it again until next year.

You would think that, with all this focus on Cyber Monday analytics, more people would be converted into year-round digital data advocates. In truth, though, most people in an organization view web analytics data as interesting rather than valuable. It’s not perceived to be particularly accurate, it doesn’t contain a lot of the data that decision-makers need to do their jobs, and budget and forecast numbers live somewhere else.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to not just get wins with measurement, but set up your entire organization to make it a year-round focus. Here are 3 things every retailer should be doing right now:
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