Migrate from Excellent Analytics to Reporting Manager

If you model your Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel, you may be using Excellent Analytics. Over the last several years, Excellent Analytics has been a great free tool for analysts who need basic Excel integration capabilities, but as of April 20, 2015, it will stop working.

Excellent Analytics uses an old method of authenticating with Google, one that was deprecated in 2012. Per Google’s deprecation policy, this means that several old methods of authentication will stop working on April 20 of this year, and only tools using the current standard method, OAuth2, will be allowed to connect to Google.

Excellent Analytics is one of the affected tools, so if you’re using it, you’ll need to move your Excel reporting to use another tool. As a free, enterprise-grade add-in for Microsoft Excel, many users are already migrating to Reporting Manager. To make the move to Reporting Manager easier, we’ve written a migration guide for Excellent Analytics.
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