Google Analytics Data Use Policy

Analysis Engine is an enterprise-grade platform that works with your Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 data. In order for it to be used properly, connections to your data must be enabled within Analysis Engine.

Analysis Engine uses OAuth2 to connect to Google servers. Consequently, your Google Account username and password are never stored on our servers. Instead, we store an authentication token that is linked to Analysis Engine and can only be used by Analysis Engine to access your data.

Because Analysis Engine is a cloud service with advanced reporting and data export post-processing features, we do, by default, temporarily store some data from Google Analytics used in your data exports on our secure Google Cloud Storage account. However, administrators can configure Analysis Engine to store data in custom Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage accounts, allowing all data storage to happen in locations under the control of the customer. By default the data exported from Google Analytics is stored for 72 hours, but this can also be configured by administrators. This data is stored to allow our systems to perform the requested manipulations to data and then allow users to download the exported data at their convenience.

Data that is imported for upload into Google Analytics is also only stored temporarily on our secure Google Cloud Storage account by default, while it is queued for upload and any required manipulation is made to the files. As with the data exports, administrators can optionally change this behavior in order to use their own Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage accounts for data storage.

In order to provide fast access to your data and easy configuration within our user interface, Analysis Engine will cache some details about your Google Analytics account in our datastore for quick retrieval. This data is limited to the names and IDs of accounts, properties and views within your Google Analytics accounts, as well as the list of data sets, custom dimensions or metrics and segments associated with your account. We do not cache any of your business data.

For Google Analytics 360 accounts, in order to use the Unsampled Data Export, Analysis Engine also requires access to the Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage accounts that are linked to the Google Account used to access Google Analytics data. This is because Google Analytics 360 puts unsampled reports generated by its servers into Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage once they are generated.

Analysis Engine uses a secure, multi-tenant datastore architecture to ensure that your data is never accessible to other organizations using the service, unless you provide them with direct access to your organization within Analysis Engine.