Introducing Reporting Manager: Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel

Today, we’re launching Reporting Manager, a free add-on for Microsoft Excel that allows you to build powerful refresh-able reporting using Google Analytics data.

We built Reporting Manager to leverage our Analysis Engine cloud platform from within Excel, and today we’re releasing it for free.


Since Reporting Manager pulls data through Analysis Engine, we have a number of features that take advantage of data processing in the cloud. Using Reporting Manager, you can:

  • Post-process data online before it’s output into Excel.
  • Avoid sampling by merging multiple smaller pulls together.
  • Pull data according to your company’s fiscal calendar.

Reporting Manager comes bundled with Analysis Engine Reporting Edition, which includes a few features of the cloud platform that empower reporting. With Reporting Edition, you can:

  • Create and manage your connections to Google Analytics
  • Configure and run data exports in the cloud
  • Easily upload cost data to Google Analytics
  • Automatically synchronize your Bing Ads cost data with Google Analytics

All of these features come bundled with Reporting Manager for free. You can get started right now by signing up for a free account.

Fiscal Calendars for Google Analytics

Today, Analysis Engine has an exciting new feature: fiscal calendars for Google Analytics. Analysis Engine has several useful features that allow you to pull ad hoc and routinely refreshable data exports from Google Analytics based on rolling date ranges. For example, using our Reporting Manager add-on for Microsoft Excel, you can build a dashboard that refreshes data for “last week”, and, hence, always pulls data up to the previous week when you refresh it.

But enterprises need alignment throughout the organization, and if you want your web analytics data to align with what the rest of the organization is reporting, you may not be able to do that with Google Analytics out of the box. Most organizations operate with their own fiscal calendar, meaning that years, quarters and sometimes even weeks won’t line up with what Google Analytics counts as those date ranges.
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Available Today: Analysis Engine brings Google Analytics to the Enterprise

We’re extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of Analysis Engine, a new enterprise middleware platform for Google Analytics.

Analysis Engine is the flagship product of Babbage Systems, a company we’ve just spun off from  the digital analysis agency Napkyn. At Napkyn, we’ve been using Analysis Engine for well over a year to support our clients, and today, we’re making it available to the outside world for the first time.

Have a look at the announcement from Napkyn on this new product, and around on this site to learn more about Analysis Engine.