Data Imports

Add new data and context to Google Analytics

Analysis Engine allows you to upload your own data into Google Analytics to supplement the data available in your reporting, or append metadata to existing data points.

  • Upload Cost Data to calculate the ROI / ROAS from your various campaigns and enable powerful reporting on the relative cost benefit of your marketing efforts.
  • Upload Refund Data to update transactions with returns, fraud and cancellations and use Google Analytics as the financial tool of record for net order demand by channel.
  • Upload Campaign Metadata to simplify your campaign tracking by using campaign IDs in your URLs and uploading detailed source, medium and campaign details directly into Google Analytics for your reporting.
  • Upload Product Metadata to identify products by price, brand, category, variant and custom dimensions to simplify your tracking requirements and take some of the load off of IT.
  • Upload Content Metadata to attribute additional custom fields to your site’s pages, including page names, authors, content categories and publication dates.
  • Upload User Metadata to link user activity on your site to CRM records or view user details like customer/subscription level or lead status in Google Analytics.
  • Upload Geographical data to view conversions and traffic by your company’s sales regions.
  • Automate upload of data from common sources like Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini or Facebook through built-in integrations, or by sending scheduled upload data to an email address or SFTP.
  • Map data imports from common sources to Google Analytics fields to upload data without formatting CSV files.
  • Be notified immediately when automated uploads are successful, or, optionally, only when they fail.