Data Exports

Analysis Engine allows you to create custom data export definitions with powerful pre- and post-processing options in a cloud-based environment. With these, you can organize and share your reporting requirements and integrate your data with other tools.

  • Use segments, filters and post-processing options to get exactly the data you want, formatted the way you want it.
  • Pull in any dimension or metric available in Google Analytics, including custom dimensions, custom metrics, goals, content groups and custom variables.
  • Create data exports with fixed or rolling dates, enabling you to run an export with a relative date range and regularly update your reports.
  • Pull data using date ranges defined by your fiscal calendar, allowing your reporting to line up with the rest of the organization’s.
  • Schedule automated delivery of data exports via email, (S)FTP or Google Drive to regularly receive updates, files to use in your reporting or integrate Google Analytics data into your own data mart.
  • For Google Analytics 360 users, access both standard and unsampled data using a common interface with common features.
  • Control who has access to what data and manage versions of data exports in the cloud.
  • Combine data exports together to create new versions with overrides for the property/view, segment and date range.
  • Avoid sampling in your reporting by breaking a data export into multiple queries and re-aggregating the data.