Better Decision-Making

Analysis Engine’s powerful data integrations add important context to data that can make the difference between a bad decision and the best decision.

By pulling data related to advertising and merchandising costs into Google Analytics, marketers and analysts working with the data get the full picture of the impact of marketing activities on overall return on investment. By understanding not only what channels, campaigns and content drive the most revenue, but how they result in actual profit for the business, analysts can deliver better reporting and recommendations based not only on product demand but on the overall bottom line for the business.

Further, Analysis Engine’s data export capabilities can help get this amalgamated data into the right hands at the right times, making decision-makers more agile as digital marketing interactions change over time.

Analysis Engine’s unparalleled ability to automate these integrations makes it the top choice to empower analysts and executives with the most complete data required to produce better analysis and reporting, and ultimately make better decisions for their organizations.