Fiscal Calendars for Google Analytics

Today, Analysis Engine has an exciting new feature: fiscal calendars for Google Analytics. Analysis Engine has several useful features that allow you to pull ad hoc and routinely refreshable data exports from Google Analytics based on rolling date ranges. For example, using our Reporting Manager add-on for Microsoft Excel, you can build a dashboard that refreshes data for “last week”, and, hence, always pulls data up to the previous week when you refresh it.

But enterprises need alignment throughout the organization, and if you want your web analytics data to align with what the rest of the organization is reporting, you may not be able to do that with Google Analytics out of the box. Most organizations operate with their own fiscal calendar, meaning that years, quarters and sometimes even weeks won’t line up with what Google Analytics counts as those date ranges.

Our latest feature allows you to configure reporting to pull data based on your organization’s calendar. By default, an organization is configured to use a standard Gregorian calendar with Sunday-to-Saturday weeks and a January-to-December year, which is what you would expect when you’re using Google Analytics normally. But if your organization has a different fiscal calendar, you can change this to work with Monday-to-Sunday weeks instead, or a March-to-February year. You can even change the calendar structure to a 4-4-5 calendar, meaning that a quarter is comprised of two four-week months and one five-week month. When you change these settings in Analysis Engine, the UI will tell you what some of these date ranges mean, so you can make sure you’ve got it right.

With these settings, “last week”, “last quarter” and “last year” in your data exports conform to what your organization considers each of those time periods to mean. Now, your automated reporting comes in a format that the finance team and the C-suite expect and respect.


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