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Integrate with Existing Systems

Send data to and from Google Analytics using common integration points like email and SFTP. Add valuable context to your Analytics data to glean better insights from it.

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Automate Data Tasks

Push and pull data automatically at regular intervals and according to user-defined mapping rules, and sync with external services like Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook Ads.

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Work Better, Together

Share data assets within your organization, collaborate on data structures and report according to organizational calendars.

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Babbage Systems’ Analysis Engine automates integration of your enterprise data with Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360. Easily export your digital marketing data to other systems and import key data into Google Analytics to expose analysts to critical information.

Add valuable context to your Google Analytics data

With Analysis Engine, you can automatically import additional data into Google Analytics that isn't captured on your websites. From marketing costs and profit margins to offline refunds and user subscription statuses, this data adds the necessary context to ensure that you're making the right decisions from your data.

Analysis Engine features pre-built integrations with services like Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook Ads to automate daily import of cost analysis data. For everything else, automation can be configured through standard services like SFTP and email.

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Your data, wherever you need it

Data exports in Analysis Engine allow you to pull data from Google Analytics and put it wherever you need it. Segment and filter data, organize it by your fiscal reporting periods and apply powerful post-processing options, and schedule automated sending of the results by email, FTP/SFTP or Google Drive.

Meanwhile, our Reporting Manager add-in for Microsoft Excel provides best-in-class automated data pulls right into your spreadsheets, making creating refreshable reporting a breeze.

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Built-in Integrations

Get started quickly out-of-the-box with integrations between Google Analytics and other platforms. Sync data from Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook Ads and others with Google Analytics.

Powerful Data Mappings

Work with the data you have by mapping columns, or combinations of columns, in your existing data to Google Analytics, saving hours of time reformatting data for Google’s expected schemas.

Enterprise-Grade User Management

Group users into teams, assign them user roles, and choose which data assets they can access. With Analysis Engine’s fine-grained permissions model, you have full control over who has access to what data.

Full Audit Logs

Activity in Analysis Engine is recorded in detailed audit logs, that allow administrators to see who is accessing what data.

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  • Reporting

    • 1 User
    • Reporting Manager Excel Plugin
    • Fiscal Calendar-Based Reporting
    • Manual Cost Data Import
    • Automated Bing Ads Cost Data Import
    • Limited Support

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Google Analytics default channel groupings in the BigQuery export

One of Google Analytics 360’s nicest features is the ability to export its raw dataset to Google BigQuery, giving you access to run your own queries on the data set without the constraints of the user interface. However, that data set does not include various dimensions and metrics that are derivative of the collected data. […]

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Prepare your data for Google Analytics 360 Suite

It’s been a few months now since Google announced its Analytics 360 Suite, and we’ve been seeing the gradual roll-out of what’s been promised over the time since. One of the goals of the suite is something we’ve been advocating for a while: better support for enterprise requirements of Google Analytics. While our Analysis Engine helps close […]

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Migrate from Excellent Analytics to Reporting Manager

If you model your Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel, you may be using Excellent Analytics. Over the last several years, Excellent Analytics has been a great free tool for analysts who need basic Excel integration capabilities, but as of April 20, 2015, it will stop working. Excellent Analytics uses an old method of authenticating […]

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Introducing Reporting Manager: Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel

Today, we’re launching Reporting Manager, a free add-on for Microsoft Excel that allows you to build powerful refresh-able reporting using Google Analytics data. We built Reporting Manager to leverage our Analysis Engine cloud platform from within Excel, and today we’re releasing it for free. [youtube] Since Reporting Manager pulls data through Analysis Engine, we […]

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Fiscal Calendars for Google Analytics

Today, Analysis Engine has an exciting new feature: fiscal calendars for Google Analytics. Analysis Engine has several useful features that allow you to pull ad hoc and routinely refreshable data exports from Google Analytics based on rolling date ranges. For example, using our Reporting Manager add-on for Microsoft Excel, you can build a dashboard that […]

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Understanding refunds in Google Analytics

Google Analytics introduced a cool new feature with its Enhanced Ecommerce upgrade for ecommerce tracking a while back, but it hasn’t gotten the traction it deserves. That feature is the ability to track your refunds in Google Analytics. This is a powerful thing because it helps Google Analytics provide data that’s more complete and more […]

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Cyber Monday and Google Analytics: 3 things you should be doing right now

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just the biggest days of the year for online retail, they’re also the biggest days of the year for people to log in to Google Analytics (we’re totally guessing). From large company CEOs to digital media interns, everyone is logging into Analytics to see how many visitors are coming and […]

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Available Today: Analysis Engine brings Google Analytics to the Enterprise

We’re extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of Analysis Engine, a new enterprise middleware platform for Google Analytics. Analysis Engine is the flagship product of Babbage Systems, a company we’ve just spun off from  the digital analysis agency Napkyn. At Napkyn, we’ve been using Analysis Engine for well over a year to support our […]

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