Google Analytics Cost Data Import

Google Analytics features Cost Analysis reports that allow you to see where your advertising spend is going, and which ads and campaigns are earning a positive return. Detailed ROI/ROAS reporting is available in Google Analytics using Google AdWords integration, but other traffic sources are left in the dark without manually uploading carefully-formatted CSV files. With Analysis Engine, you can simplify the upload and synchronization of your cost data into Google Analytics. With these features, you can view detailed cost analysis reporting for any marketing source.

  • Associate marketing costs with visitor traffic and conversions to determine the return on advertising spend (ROAS) for all your marketing efforts from campaigns down to individual ads and keywords.
  • Automatically map data from known data sources, like Facebook Ads and Commission Junction, to the Google Analytics upload columns — you can upload data from these sources without any manual file formatting work.
  • Configure an email address to automatically accept and upload reports sent to you by your marketing vendors.
  • Easily override source and medium data for your uploads to avoid manually adding columns to your uploads.
  • Automatically synchronize your Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini or Facebook Ads data with Google Analytics on a daily basis.
  • Upload cost data from other sources automatically via email or SFTP.