Google Analytics Unsampled Reporting

Want to report on unsampled data from Google Analytics? Analysis Engine has solutions for both Google Analytics 360 and standard Google Analytics users.

Google Analytics 360

With Google Analytics 360, Analysis Engine customers have access to use the unsampled reporting features of Google Analytics within Analysis Engine data exports. As a result, unsampled data can be automated and pushed to Google Drive, FTP, SFTP or email endpoints on a regular basis. This allows for enterprise-grade integration of detailed Google Analytics data with internal data marts or other systems, without concerns over sampling.

Google Analytics standard

For users of Google Analytics’ standard (free) offering, Analysis Engine features powerful post-processing options that allow you to avoid sampling in your data. Using Analysis Engine, data pulls over long date ranges (which trigger sampling) can be broken down into shorter ones, and then re-aggregated in order to produce unsampled data.